Where to Pick up Girls in Orlando, Florida

Hot Orlando Clubs

When granted leave from my jobs and hectic lives to consider off on our holidays, the young, free and single amongst us rarely think of Orlando as a destination likely to tickle our fancy. We believe of Orlando and instantaneously a huge talking mouse, huge theme parks as well as larger crowds one thinks of. Orlando is synonymous with family entertainment – admittedly a characteristic that’s not particularly popular with folks looking nothing more than to reside the life of luxury for a fortnight; hitting the clubs, eating well, drinking better yet and shopping like we’ve lost our senses.

Indeed, if we are to head towards the Sunshine State, it is more likely that we’ll be going to Miami, staying in a skill Deco hotel on Collins Avenue, sunning on South Beach and shopping in Biscayne Bay’s Bloomindales. Ultimately, the sole queue we want to join on our Miami holiday will be the one that gets us into Fontainebleau’s Liv nightclub. For that young, fabulous and frivolous, Miami is where it’s at. However, two weeks of dancing salsa in hot Latino clubs, cocktail sipping, celebrity spotting and Bloomingdale shopping could eventually bleed us dry, of both our finances and our energy.


Admittedly, Orlando might not be one of the most relaxing of holidays, with days at a stretch walking around theme parks within the sweltering Floridian heat. Nevertheless, the countless Orlando theme park goers clearly prove how the queues, the heat as well as the walking is worth that great theme park capital’s first class entertainment. However, if rides and carnivals really aren’t our thing so we see ourselves swimming in beautiful surrounding and sunbathing by crisp blue waters, Orlando has recently become home to, what’s been labelled ‘paradise’, higher quality as Discovery Cove. Discovery Cove Orlando offers an exclusive experience if you have booked and reserved their invest the lake haven. There are no rides, no queues and no crowds at Discovery Cove Orlando – just dolphins, tropical fish, reef sharks, beautiful blue waters plus a thousand people, including ourselves. A Florida theme park ticket isn’t cheap, but this little slice of paradise can hardly be known as theme park in the typical sense.


Granted, the nightlife in Orlando doesn’t allow us the opportunity to rave up until the sun arises. In fact, nightlife ends at nighttime, one AM if we’re lucky. However, while the bars and clubs are open, Universal Orlando’s nightlife strip CityWalk is where to become. The strip is lined with bars and clubs committed to the over 18’s and 21’s, serving unbelievable cocktails and playing all the latest club bangers.

As we happen to prefer to leave the amusement park grounds, Pointe Orlando can be a chic social hub boasting top rated restaurants, bars and shops. Pointe Orlando stood a write down in the Conde Nast Traveller that labelled it a chic hangout for adults who appreciate fine dining whilst holidaying in Orlando.


Many occur to overlook shopping while in Orlando, but when you know the spot, you will know that visiting Orlando rather than shopping is as big a criminal offense being a fashion enthusiast heading to Miami rather than visiting Gianni Versace’s South Beach home. Miami could have the rich, famous and fashion savvy aesthetic, it also has costs that merely the famous and rich are able to afford. Orlando might require us to purchase expensive Florida park tickets, but expensive, the shopping most definitely isn’t. And we aren’t referring to famous brands Wal- Mart and Target. Orlando hosts the most spectacular outlet malls any shopaholic can ever imagine. Premium Outlets hosts a Saks off 5th outlet department store, Victoria Secrets, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren stores, for example.

Hot Orlando Clubs

Miami may be hot and happening, but as is Orlando.


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